How to Buy a Hair Straightener as a Gift

Do you have family, friends and loved ones on your gift list that enjoy using hairstyling tools and would love a quality hair straightener? In this guide we’ll give you tips for choosing the right straightener for everyone on your list.
1. Match the hair straightener to the hair type. Most hair straighteners will work well on easy to manage hair that is thin and straight, but the key for people with this type of hair is to do the job quickly and avoid damaging the hair. That’s why it’s a good idea to select a hair straightener that offers various settings. Those with medium or coarse hair will need higher heat, so choose models for them that offer heats over 400F.
A very versatile styling tool that offers adjustable heat settings that make is a great choice for all hair types is the stylehouse flat iron. It is one of the best in the business for bringing ethnic or coarse hair under control but is gentle enough for use on fine, thin hair. Take a look at our helpful guide “Choose the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair” and you’ll know exactly which tool to choose for each person.

2. Definitely select a model with ceramic tourmaline plates or heaters. There is a reason that hair styling professionals avoid using curling irons with metal plates/blades. They do terrible damage to hair. On the other hand, ceramic tourmaline plates are actually good for hair. They are very smooth so will not pull or damage hair. In addition, they emit negative ions that relax hair naturally and make the job go much more quickly. Finally, ceramic tourmaline plates and heaters seal the cuticle of each hair strand, locking in natural moisturizers and keeping hair nourished and silky smooth.
The New Evolution Hair Straightener, 1.25″ is a perfect example of a hair straightener that will actually bring health to hair. To assist the process the cutting edge ceramic plates are infused with avocado and other conditioners that nourish hair as they work, so check our evaletric reviews on our website.

3. Think about choosing a versatile hair straightener that can also curl and more. The ghd flat iron Classic 1′ Styler is a great gift idea because it makes curling, flipping, waving, straightening and lots of other techniques a breeze. It sports ceramic tourmaline plates to increase the health of the hair and is flexible enough to use to craft any hairstyle.

4. Pick a highly respected brand and you’ll be sure you got it right. Today’s top brands make outstanding hair straighteners. Names like Chi, GHD, Solia, BaByliss, HAI, T3, Sedu, Revlon and Remington have proven themselves with one great tool after another. You can’t go wrong with the highest rated styling tools on the market.

When you want to give a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come, use this infographic to choose with confidence. You’ll make it a very happy day for the DIY hairstylists on your list!

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