5 Most Useful Electronics for Those On the Go

Travelling today no longer means that you are out of touch with the rest of the world. You can be in touch whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, on a vacation at the beach, or on a working trip to Kenya. Global communication technology has ensured that a traveller today has full and direct communication access – access to mail and post, access to the Internet, and access to friends and family via social media platforms. Today’s traveller is as fully connected on the road as he or she is at home or in the office.

In order to maintain this level of connection, here are some of the most indispensable electronics – (and you can find them all for great prices on Gumtree) – to have with you when you travel:

1. iPhone or Smart Phone: Smartphones can be used for voice communication, text messaging, maps, and advance route planning. Podcasts give you information on points of interest such as museums. You can use your smartphone to find emergency numbers, embassy information, and other important information. You can also upload apps to improve your holiday experience, including language translation apps, dictionaries, and a compass. Your phone can provide weather forecasts and even help you find restaurant options and make reservations. Download a maps app like WAZE or Google Maps, which are valuable community-based traffic and navigation aids to get you to your destination in the quickest possible time.

2. Tablet: A Tablet has similar features as available on a smartphone, though the larger screens can be more convenient for holiday picture uploads to Facebook and online site scrolling. With internet access, it’s also great for sitting in WiFi cafes and updating pictures, news, and other information, thus avoiding the need to head to an internet café. Tablets are better communication tools for platforms like Skype, which is a cheap and easy way of staying in touch with your family or friends from across the globe. A tablet is also a nice tool, due to its size, for playing games should you be on a long flight or waiting at an airport. They are also excellent for taking photographs as most current devices have a good resolution camera installed, and can be used for blogging and writing.

3. MP3 Player: This is nice to have as you have all your favourite music on the go, which is great for boring treks like flights or waiting as bus stops.

4. Kindle or e-Reader: These are great for recreational reading as they allow you to carry a library of your favourite books with you in digital format, or simply allow you to download a book of your choice on the go, thus saving you from carrying hard copies of novels on your holiday.

5. Digital camera: Take a small point-and-shoot camera with you. It does not take up much space and offers you greater photographic possibilities than the camera on a smartphone or tablet.

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