An Overview of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games

Football or soccer fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the onset of the 2014 FIFA world cup games to be hosted in Brazil from June 12 for July 13. It is an undeniable fact that soccer is the most loved sporting event in the entire planet and each successive tournament attracts even more viewers.

Since its inception, only 8 participating nations have won the cup and the list includes Brazil, England, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Football fans believe that Brazil stands a better chance of winning this year after several years in the cold. Experts believe that as many as 1 billion viewers will watch the tournament this year.

New developments this year include the fact that goal line technology will be put the effect and that fans were involved in the naming the official Word Cup ball (Brazuca). The country spent $3.5 billion for the construction and the renovation of the stadia where the tournament will be held. The question is how much damage will be watching the games in person cause to your pocket.

Well, the average hotel cost on the opening day in Sao Paulo is $282 while that for the July 13 in Rio is $371. You will have to part with approximately $514 to fly between the two cities although the flight will only take 50 minutes. The average ticket cost across the entire tournament is $ 1,345 compared to a paltry $ 319 for the tickets for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament for a similar number of games.

You can realize the amount of money you will have to spend to watch the games in person is enormous. Nevertheless, you can save by taking the right approach. You can start by comparing prices online to get the best deal. You can also travel with company, as this will cut on hotel costs. Regardless of whether you will go there in person or watch from home, KNCTR will help you stay connected with other back at home or abroad through free calls. You will also get real time updates on things that matter.

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