Once in a lifetime Offer

You probably already know the power of Infographics right? You know they can bring more traffic, help you boost your brand and make Google your best friend giving more trust to your website and boost your rankings. And if done right, it can become viral (we have seen that happen quite often) so that is a plus!!

Grab this “once a lifetime” offer we have to you and submit your infographic today! Pick your infographic Submission offer! Submit on ratemyinfographic.com for only $12 instead of the usual $25!

And for $15 you can post that infographic on ratemyinfographic.com AND on infographixdirectory.com!


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Infographix directory is our directory of infographics from all over the web. With over 5 years of existence and more than 100k of submissions, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Why Should I submit an Infographic?

Infographics are the best way to grab client’s attention. You can read all about the infographic’s benefits at digital marketing Philippines here! In summary:

1. Compelling and Attractive
2. Easily Scanned and Viewed
3. Viral Capabilties
4. Portable (Embeddable)
5. Worldwide Coverage
6. Brand Awareness
7. Increases Traffic
8. Benefits Search Engine Optimisation


What Can an Infographic do for my Website?

We not only have infographic websites, we also are an SEO company. So we pretty much understand how Search engines work! If you post infographics on a reputable and reliable website like our websites your traffic can go through the roof! Here are some examples of some clients:

This example is from a company that works with us since 2015. They post infographic once a month targeting different pages of their website. Their number one keyword was ranking on the 6th page of Google, and since 2015 they have been in the first 5 positions for that keyword, just with our links! IT IS THAT POWERFULL!

This is an example of an Amazon affiliate website that sells flatirons. One infographic made them get the 4th place on Google for one specific flatiron, and that makes a huge difference on their profit.


This is an offer valid only this week so you better worry up!

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