The Winter Olympic games – A Look Back

Historians say that you cannot understand the future without first appreciating the past. It is not different for sports especially the Winter Olympics. People have favorite teams, events and even individual athletes but may not know the historical journey the games have taken to display the success it has today.

The very first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, a city in France in the year 1924. A cycle of 4 years was then adopted for the games. At this time, both the summer and winter games for the Olympics were held in the same year. In 1936, the games had to take two-cycle break owing to the WWII. The games were scheduled for Sapporo, Japan in 1940 and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy in 1944.

In 1986, the International Olympic Committee saw the need to separate the summer and the winter games and so in 1992 they were separated to be held at alternating two-even numbered years. This means that the next winter games were to be held in 1994 making it the shortest cycle in the winter Olympics cycle.

Many countries participate in the games, but only 12 (United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Great Britain, France, Finland, Canada and Austria) have managed to attend every Winter Olympic Games. 50 percent of these have earned medals every time and these are United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Austria and Finland. Only the United States has managed gold medal in each of the games.

United States and Canada have hosted winter Olympic Games four times and two times, respectively and have both finished #1 while being the host nation. The current all-time leader in winter Olympic medal standings is Norway with over 300 medals to its credit.

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